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Research indicates a genetic connection to excessive levels of a hunger producing hormone

Research indicates a genetic connection to excessive levels of a hunger producing hormone

Dr. Kahlil Shillingford has had great success performing obesity surgery on countless patients. Dr Shillingford has noticed that while a less invasive lap band procedure might achieve excellent results with some patients, it is not always the right match for every patient. Gastric Sleeve Surgery removes a region of the stomach called the fundus, the portion of the body primarily responsible for the production of a hormone known as ghrelin.
A recent study regarding ghrelin (a hormone involved with satiety and hunger) has found that people with a variation of a particular gene have more of the hormone in their blood than others. The presence or absence of the FTO gene indicates that roughly one-sixth of the population is more prone to severe obesity and will be especially likely to benefit from a gastric sleeve procedure over another operation.
The new study from the University College of London, the Medical Research Council (MRC) and King’s College London Institute of Psychiatry has received international attention as a significant step forward in the ongoing battle against obesity. While researchers have long known that tendencies towards obesity are genetic, the precise nature of the genetic link has remained unclear. With the link between the FTO gene and the production of ghrelin established, the pathway to effective treatment for weight loss patients being treated by Dr. Feiz is becoming clearer. As time goes on, it will become easier for patients to identify whether or not their particular case of obesity is directly related to ghrelin and, therefore, if the removal of the fundus is medically indicated.

Whatever the roots of a particular patient’s obesity, contacting Dr. Shillingford is one of the best choices a person suffering from severe obesity can make. Dr Shillingford will guide the patient on which weight loss operation is best suited for the patient: Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve or Lap Band.

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