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Susan Peacock

Susan PeacockSusan Peacock

Bariatric Surgery Registered Dietician

Susan Peacock, a Registered Dietitian, works with Dr. Shillingford M.D. PA, a Florida Bariatric Surgeon who performs gastric bypass surgery and gastric sleeve surgery.

She provides pre-surgery consultation as per insurance guidelines, to prepare patients with the tools for a successful outcome. An experienced dietitian such as Susan will prepare the patient with an action plan pre-surgery as well as post-surgery. Susan will guide the patient to set the needed behavioral goals even before the surgery, so that the patient understands and establishes these behaviors as part of the postoperative long-term results.

With a Registered Dietitian guiding you to full mastery of a new life habit plan, the patient, post-operation, can reach their long term goals of weight loss and reduction of various health issues.

For further information and assistance, please contact Susan through this website or Dr. Shillingford directly.

You may also learn more about Susan at her website www.diabetesfix.net/id75.html