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Celebrities: Reducing the Stigma of Weight Loss Surgery

Celebrities: Reducing the Stigma of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery often has a stigma attached, which can deter some people from electing to undergo the procedure. When a person is famous, their weight loss is often quite obvious. While some celebrities insist they were able to lose large amounts of weight with diet and exercise, other celebrities have opened up to the media and fans about undergoing surgical procedures to help them get their weight under control. We have compiled a list of 5 celebrities who have all undergone adjustable gastric band or Lap Band® surgery. With their images frequently on TV or in the news, inevitably the public has noticed their weight loss, and these celebrities have not been shy to discuss their weight loss due to the gastric band surgery.

Rex Ryan

Head coach of the New York Jets, Rex Ryan, underwent Lap Band surgery in 2010. After realizing he weighed close to 350 pounds, he decided to have the Lap Band surgery and successfully lost over 120 pounds. He has said that he was inspired to lose weight permanently in order to live a longer life for his children and, hopefully, his future grandchildren.

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, had Lap-Band surgery in 2013 after he conferred with Rex Ryan about his gastric banding. Though Christie was elusive on the topic of his weight loss initially, he has since opened up about his 85 pound weight loss, indicating he wished he had undergone the procedure sooner.

Lauren Manzo

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Lauren Manzo underwent gastric band surgery in 2011, following the lead of her father who also underwent the procedure. She has talked about her struggle to lose weight on her own and falling into a depression. She lost over 40 pounds following her gastric band procedure and decided to openly discuss her decision to have the surgery with her fans, as well as discussing the many dietary and lifestyle changes she has made to lose the weight and keep it off.

Brian Dennehy

This Hollywood actor, famous for his extensive list of television roles, films, and plays that span decades had his gastric band placed prior to 2009. Though he isn’t quite as vocal about his surgery as other celebrities, he has admitted that he had a hypertensive scare during his time acting in Death of a Salesman which made him realize he needed to take better care of his heart and his health. Dennehy credits the gastric surgery for his health.

Carnie Wilson

This singer and daughter of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, initially underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1999. After regaining much of the weight she lost, Carnie opted to have Lap Band surgery in 2012. Though her weight loss following the second surgery seems slower, she has shed 40 pounds, but is also focused on her health, improving her triglyceride levels and blood pressure. She reports exercising regularly and is focused on eating healthier, and credits her daughters as inspiration to keep her motivated.

Dr. Shillingford performs laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery, as well as gastric sleeve, and gastric bypass surgeries. All three surgical weight loss procedures are used to treat morbid obesity, as well as the complications from obesity such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, arthritis, and sleep apnea. If you or a loved one is considering adjustable gastric band surgery, please call (561) 483-8840 for a free consultation with Dr. Shillingford to determine if it is right for you. We encourage you to not let the stigma of weight loss surgery stand in your way to better health.