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    Special All-Inclusive Pricing!
    • Lap Band $9,700
    • Gastric Sleeve $10,900
    • Gastric Bypass $17,000

    ** No Program Fees **

    ObesityWeight Loss Procedures

    With over 4,000 surgical procedures performed,

    Dr. Shillingford has demonstrated he is a leader in his surgical field.
    Patient Journey
    • Assess Health Risks of Obesity
    • Plan
    • Preparation Examinations Recommendations Diet and Medication Day Before Surgery
    • Procedure Lap Band Surgery Gastric Bypass Surgery Gastric Sleeve Surgery Robotic Surgery
    • Post Op Instructions Post-Operative diet Post-Operative exercise Medication
    • Success Support Groups

    Bariatric surgery provides a valuable tool for your weight loss journey. It’s important to realize that following an effective diet and exercise program in addition to surgery is the key to achieving the best results. Read More


      Bariatric and Gastric Surgery is performed to achieve weight loss in morbidly obese individuals who have failed conventional methods of diet and exercise. Read More

    • Reducing Risks of Diabetes
      Reducing Risks of Diabetes

      Adopting a healthy lifestyle will help prevent obesity and development of diabetes. This can include eating healthy balanced food and engaging in moderate to intense physical activities such as walking. Read More

    • Recent Posts
      Recent Posts

      Resources for Healthcare Professionals Regarding Obesity Counseling 18 May 2017

      As obesity rates hit sky high rates so do our concerns regarding greater resources and ways healthcare professionals Read More

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