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Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard – Try it!

Yoga and Stand Up Paddleboard – Try it!

Yoga and SUP (stand up paddleboard) are gaining a great deal of opportunity. There are many reasons from the Florida Keys to Boca Raton and Jacksonville Florida stand up paddleboard is growing in access and popularity. Our weight loss surgery such as lap band surgery patients are always looking for new ways to exercise and develop a better life style after weight loss surgery in Florida.


Some of the benefits of yoga and SUP are:

  • Refining technique of both yoga and surf
  • Floating and meditation aid with balance and wellness
  • Focus on breath and prayanama; the sounds of the ocean is helpful
  • Feeling empowered and strong; it is challenging yet beautiful and serene

Weight loss surgery such as lap band surgery can be a very helpful process in aiding patients with strength, core and balance but maintaining physical exercise is an essential part of the process. We always encourage our lap band surgery patients to explore outdoor ways to exercise and yoga and sup seem to be a perfect thing to try!