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How Common is Foot Amputation in People With Diabetes?

How Common is Foot Amputation in People With Diabetes?

People with diabetes are prone to impaired circulation and nerve problems. This can put them at higher risk for ulcers that can eventually lead to amputation. While this can happen to any extremity, the most common are foot or leg ulcers.

But how common are foot ulcers that lead to amputations in diabetics?

According to the American Diabetes Association, foot ulcers occur in four to ten percent of people with diabetes. The good news is that the majority of people have a good outcome: 60-80% of ulcers heal with treatment. But here’s the not so good news: 10-15% of ulcers will persist. And for the bad news: 5-24% will result in amputation. The ADA estimates that worldwide a person loses a limb due to complications from diabetes every thirty seconds.

Amputations due to diabetes, both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, are a serious medical concern. Controlling blood sugar, following your diet, taking medications as prescribed, exercise, medical follow up, and self-care should all be a priority for people with diabetes. For those with prediabetes, diet and exercise should be prioritized. Following a reduced sugar diet can help control blood sugar levels. Weight loss has also been shown to reduce blood sugar levels.

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