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Customer Reviews

“The whole process from beginning to end was very efficient. Dr. Shillingford seems very knowledgable, professional, and has a wonderful bedside manner. His office staff are friendly and also just as efficient. I am pleased with the decision to have bariatric surgery and so glad I chose Dr. Shillingford to do my lap band surgery!”

Anonymous (Port St. Lucie, Florida)
Procedure: Adjustable Lap Band
Weight Loss to Date: 5 lbs in 1 week


My experience was quick and easy. I had previously done research on the lap-band surgery and finally I was ready. There was no tedious procedure, just an appointment and surgery. The knowledgeable office staff took care of the rest! Dr. Shillingford was nice, comforting, and supportive. Afterwards, I felt great, and I definitely have no regrets.

Daneca W. (Lake Worth, FL)
Procedure: Gastric/Lap-Band


The whole process from start to finish was great. I always felt informed and comfortable with Dr. Shillingford and all of his staff. The hospital was great also.

Julie (Orange City, FL)
Procedure: Gastric/Lap-Band
Weight Loss to date: 30 LBS 5 months After Surgery


“I lost 13 pounds in the first 6 weeks!”

Dr. Shillingford is a consumate professional who is very generous with his time. I’ve been obese for twenty years, and had concerns about the bariatric surgery options.I spoke to his cheerful assistant, Nancy, and she encouraged me to come in for an information session where Dr. Shillingford explained the different surgery options to me and two other individuals.He was always very patient, answering all my questions in language I understood. It is so easy to feel judged and intimidated by doctors, especially when discussing weight, but Dr. Shillingford was positive and practical.I had been focusing on the lapband procedure, but after the information session I dediced the gastric sleeve surgery was a better option for me. I didn’t think I could follow the pre-op diet, but it didn’t turn out to be as hard I had feared. Surgery went smoothly, I was up walking (slowly) that same night. I was tender and slow for about a week, and then I felt great.

I lost 13 pounds in the first 6 weeks! That is with both a road trip and a plane flight up to visit family. I haven’t taken either of the diabetes medications I’d been on for a year since the morning of surgery. I’m able to see some of my habits around eating emotionally now that I know I’m not hungry.

I’ve got a ways to go with exercise and making healthy choices, but Dr. Shillingford helped make this process so much easier. I now have faith I will get to my goal and have many more years to spend with my family.”

Adrienne – Florida.


“I think Dr. Shillingford is an Excellent Physician. When my wife was struggling, Dr. Shillingford returned every call quickly and gave me so much support. I don’t know how we could have gotten through the process without him.

Barry, Boca Raton, Florida.

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